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How to book a hotel

How to book a Hotel for sea Holiday?

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The reason for writing this article was a posts on Facebook. Facebook is primarily a place for advertising, so what is shared here is not my only opinion. However, this article contains my non-binding opinion.

This is definitely true not only for Hotels in Primorsko, but also for many other things. Let's call them things you don't have experience with yet.

You must have asked yourself this question every time you want to go to a new vacation spot. Or just wanted to change the hotel. Or because you have heard good reviews about a hotel from your acquaintances.

Problem finding objective information

how to sift information

The problem is that we have access to too much information today. This makes it extremely difficult to find the truth. There are many sites with reviews and ratings or with so called likes. But! Is this true? Is this what we are really looking for?

The way we can get to the information we search on the Internet is also biased. What search engines in the top positions offer us is based on subjective factors. Let me give you an example.

An objectively wonderful hotel in terms of: location, hygiene, services, price and quality. It may never reach your search results for a number of reasons. We can call this a lack of interest of the hotelier in internet marketing. This is also called SEO (search engines optimization). This is a campaign that requires a lot of resources and not everyone needs it.

And let's not forget that there is always the element or question of taste. One likes one thing, another another. I can't give you any advice on what you like, but I'll focus on the price instead.

Today, there are many sites that only deal with advertising. Yes advertising is a must, but do you want to pay only for advertising or marketing? It is full of offers for holidays. Some are real, but some are ridiculously unreal.

However, the question remains in the real price. Advertising brokerage comes at a price. But we don't want to be driven by advertising and fake reviews at all costs.

What do search engines offer me?

Let's call the big tourism advertising agencies the "big ones." Why big? Because they invest a lot to be at the forefront of search engine results. However, a forward position does not necessarily mean a "good price" or a "quality product". Front position is achieved through advertising, which is not only advertising in the media that we have known for a long time. In addition to radio and television, there is now the Internet. The Internet is becoming more and more a place for advertising. Which, of course, is a minus for finding the truth.

Proposed solution

how to sift information

How to sift information and act

Each hotel has a pricing policy and this is not determined by an advertising website. If you like to check and verify a hotel where you want to book, be sure to check the following.

  • Compare prices for the same hotel on several different sites (sites with different domains)
  • find the hotel own website and check prices
  • Contact the hotel directly and request a price for the period you are interested in.
  • Once you know the price on the internet on the hotel's website. You also know the price of the "big ones". Try to bargain, but sensibly. Do this at the end of the conversation when you already know if there is room for bargaining. Point out as an argument the length of your stay. Of course if you really have such an argument. Ask for a discount for stays over one week. Discount for stays over two weeks. And accordingly for a discount for stays over three weeks.
  • There are customers who start directly from the price. Without any prior research. This of course has a negative effect on your chances of success in making a deal. In order to have a chance of success, you must also have the right approach.

How do we use and analyze this information?

booking solution

If a hotel doesn't have a website, but you only find it with the "big" advertising agencies, it's extremely difficult to find the real price of the product. However, there is certainly a phone number where you can get real information. This can mean two things:

  • The hotel already has a name, reputation and regular customers. This hotel does not rely at all on the "big" advertising agencies and the Internet to survive. But this is unlikely, especially in times of crisis.
  • The hotel is a complete disappointment and relies only on the "big ones" to always get new customers. Or one time customers only.
  • if the hotel has a website and prices. Call the hotel directly and confirm the price. Try to find such a price for the same product in the "big ones". For the "big ones" the price is at least 15% higher "

If you find a "good" offer that is tempting, do the same:

  • Check with the hotelier
  • This is usually a holiday period or conditions that, if you read carefully, the offer is no longer so attractive.
  • These offers work in the same way as any other ad. You pay at least 15% above the normal price.

Sincere advice

how to make a reservation

Dear people, the eternal rule still applies. The fewer intermediaries there are between you and the product, the less you will pay for advertising or marketing. Don't be fooled by sites with sleek looks and leading positions in search results. In the end, it may be that by paying the "big ones" you are harming those who provide the service.


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