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Parking for the hotel guests

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Free Parking in the courtyard of the Hotel

For your beach holiday Hotel Rila offers free parking for your car during your stay at Hotel Rila. The parking lot is located in the yard of the Hotel and is fenced.

During your stay in Hotel Rila Primorsko your car can be located near the main entrance of the hotel building. This is really a convenience especially considering how difficult it is to find parking spaces in the summer in Primorsko. This is especially problematic in the peak tourist season between July 21 and August 25.

Parking in Primorsko

Primorsko is a small tourist town, but in the last 20 years it has grown a lot. A lot of additional logging were built in the form of hotels and private rentals. Of course this is good for tourists because there is competition. Eventually, however, the free space that can be used as parking spaces decreased significantly.

Of course market has to respond and offer per the demand of the customers. But in any case it is very important to keep the common sense and balance.

In the end, the sea, beaches and nature of Primorsko attract guests and vacationers. The car is an indispensable convenience, but also care and obligation. Very few hotels or private rentals can offer such convenience as parking in the yard of their guests as Hotel Rila Primorsko. The balance between proximity to the beach and the city center, but still retain room for privacy.

For perfect organization and planning

The summer season is short, but for us Hotel Rila is very intense. What does this mean? We have reservations and obligations to our guests that we must fulfill. If you have the opportunity, please let us know a few days before your arrival about:

  • Approximate arrival time
  • Whether you're traveling by car
  • How many cars will you stay with us?

This will help us a lot for the organization. We strive to fulfill and satisfy the wishes and expectations of our guests. In this way and with your help we will be able to provide perfect conditions for an unforgettable vacation at sea in Primorsko.

Thank you very much!
Management Primorsko Hotel Rila.






Published on
Wed, 02/22/2023 - 13:14

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