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Saint Nicholas Primorsko

I wanted to write about travel, Bulgarian nature, vacation, but I was wondering where to start.

 Saint Nicholas Primorsko Underwater Chapel

Times are tough. We live in an unprecedented crisis so unexpected for the supposedly great achievements in the evolution of humanity. Yes, we are talking about the Corona / Covid 19 crisis, as you can already guess. I don't know if there is any truth in conspiracy theories, or rather we have reached the last chapter in the Bible - Revelation or Apocalypse in Greek. I leave this dispute to conspiracy theorists and theologians.

For tourism and about it in Bulgaria. Yes, God has given us to live in a heavenly place with a unique nature, but He requires us to take care of the creation, not to destroy it.

I want to write about a corner of the earthly paradise called "Underwater Chapel of St. Nicholas Primorsko" which is located only 4 km from the seaside resort of Primorsko here Although according to the instructions from Google on the map the car must be left at the residence and then continue on foot there is another option. The Underwater Chapel of St. Nicholas of Primorsko can also be reached by car. It starts from the northern beach of Primorsko. Then you cross the barrier, which no longer closes because there is no longer a functioning residence (summer usually used as a runway from the delta-glider who offers flights to tourists). Then you go around the former residence and there is a very narrow road that reaches just above the Chapel. It is even possible to leave your car on the side of the road. As you can see from the photos, the beach there is very steep and rocky, but the beauty is beauty.

Saint Nicholas Primorsko Underwater Chapel The place is beautiful. Suitable for beach, fishing. It is full of mussels. The whole is dotted with mussel shells. It is also good for a tent, but it is also good for many other things. It is full of mussels. There are also many crabs but they are agile and hide in the cracks of the rocks. The water is crystal clear. Many fish and sometimes sea snakes can be seen. I sincerely recommend it. The nature of Primorsko is still somewhat preserved and attracts many tourists in the summer. Let's not forget that it is no coincidence that many years ago the party chose the Perla summer residence next to it. Where the sea and the forest meet. Whenever we are nearby we do not miss to visit the beach of Perla and the great bay. The last time we were there, I got a great sunburn on my back in just one hour while "diving" for mussels. I am not against the restaurants in Primorsko, but these are man-made things. While the heavenly corner of the earth called Underwater Chapel St. Nicholas is only one of God's creations.

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Sun, 02/07/2021 - 16:32