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About Primorsko

Sights around Primorsko

that are worth visiting during your vacation at sea in Primorsko Hotel Rila, besides the beaches of Primorsko and the Sea.


South Beach

On the south side of Primorsko is the south beach, 2.4 km long and reaching the Primorsko International Youth Center (MMC).

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Town of Primorsko

According to Municipality Primorsko as of 2018.


The population of the municipality Primorsko numbers as of February 5, 2018 - 7103 people.

3374 people live in the town of Primorsko. The largest population in the municipality is the town of Kiten - 1073 people, and the smallest in the village of Pismenovo - 216 people. In the other villages of the municipality live: in the village of Novo Panicharevo - 957 people, in the village of Yasna Polyana - 725 people and in the village of Veselie - 758 people.


The share of the population under working age is 1195 people, of the population of working age 4695 people and of the population over working age is 1590 people. The majority of the population is engaged in hotels and restaurants during the active summer season.


Primorsko was declared a national tourist seaside resort in 1953. Tourism and the tourism service sector are the most dynamically developed in the city's economy. Primorsko has a variety of natural resources. Conditions are offered for different types of tourism - not only recreational, but also cultural, fishing, hunting, sports, ecotourism and more. Every year Primorsko is visited by millions of foreign and Bulgarian tourists. The city is a preferred destination because of the favorable climate, its beautiful nature, historical and cultural monuments in its territory, the hospitable locals and last but not least the various attractions offered to tourists, which make it suitable for a quiet family vacation and intense vacation with lots of parties and emotions. It is located in a crescent-shaped bay, dotted with the cleanest, longest and largest beaches and dunes on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Conditions for rest offer all parts of the resort: the old town of Primorsko, the new part of town (the new neighborhood), the settlement Uzundzhata (northwest of the town), the villa zone (southwest of the town), the complex MMC Primorsko (south of the town).

Perla beach

To the north of Primorsko and next to the northern beach of Primorsko is located Perla Beach (former government residence).

Perla Beach is located only 4.8 km from Hotel Rila and you can get there in just 8 minutes - see how here

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Arkutino Beach

primorsko hotel more

Arkutino beach is located only 10 km from Hotel Rila and you can get there in just 11 minutes see here. The beach is located near the main road between Sozopol and Primorsko. The nature is great, the beach is not steep and provides capacity. The flat beach makes it suitable for small children, but of course under the supervision of parents. The views of Snake Island and Ropotamo Reserve are amazing. A big advantage is the location of the beach next to the main road. You can stop for a while on your way to Primorsko, take a short Arkutino beach break, or we can call it with today's modern wording "Beach to Go" and continue to your final destination.


Arkutino Reserve

Arkutino or Bear Swamp is part of the Ropotamo Reserve.

The swamp is separated from the sea by sand dunes. A sand lily grows on the beach.

There is a bridge built in the swamp where you can walk and see the unique vegetation and animal species, which are really only found in Arkutino. You can see many snakes, turtles, water lilies, and many rare species of birds.

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Ropotamo Nature Reserve

Ropotamo Nature Reserve is only 4 minutes or 4 km from Primorsko Hotel Rila. During the summer season you can take a boat trip on the river where the starting station is located under the bridge on the road Burgas - Primorsko. You can see how to get there here

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Underwater Chapel of St. Nicholas - Primorsko

primorsko chapel of sv nikola

There is a paradise just 4 km. away from the hotel called Underwater Chapel of St. Nicholas Primorsko.

Here you can see how to get to St. Nicholas Underwater Chapel Primorsko Instructions on the map are to leave the car next to the former Perla residence and then continue on foot. There is practically a narrow road where you can reach the place by car. It's great. Crystal clear water. There are a lot of mussels and crabs. Read more


Underwater Chapel of St. Nicholas - Primorsko

Underwater Chapel of St. Nicholas Primorsko






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