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Nepal (Lord Buddha - birthplace Lumbini) is the best trekking destination for that trekker who is still thinking of admiring with a panoramic mountain view of beautiful trekking in the Himalayas. Nepal itself famous for having the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest (8848m) was first conquered by sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. The reflection of cultural and ethical diversity influences many outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. Varying religious sites and spiritual act of different religion makes conducive to trekking in Nepal. Lifestyle, classical tradition and mysterious ritual dazzled to thousands of visitors every year. Blessed with Beautiful Rivers, thrilling hills, so many religious temples, numbers of UNESCO world heritage sites, racial harmony despite of cultural diversity and breathtaking mountains with travel destination makes it worth to landing for thousands of travelers. The official mother tongue (first language) of this country is Nepali. According to the national census, the percentage of Nepali speaking people is about 44.6% and the land is independent with a population of 28,954,229. 75% of the country is covered by most rugged and difficult mountains terrains rising above 8,848m from sea level, breathtaking views of the tallest mountains (Mount Everest) in the world, luxury accommodation with delicious food as per your desire while with us, Everest region, Mustang the last forbidden Kingdom and the world's highest Tilicho lake, which is situated at the highest altitude of 4,949m from sea level increase the pace of trekking passion more vigorously.

Nepal is a well-known destination for amazing extremes and adventurous, We offer tailored-made itineraries and trails where you can discover a more knowledgeable, fun safety and loving, conscious tours specialized in Nepal holidays activities such as; Nepal trekking, Nepal Peak Climbing, Paragliding, Nepal Tour, Bungee jumping, jungle safari, mountain flights, rock climbing, White River Rafting, Zip Flying, Nepal Hiking, Mountain Biking and many more activities in Tibet and Bhutan.

Naturally and culturally blessed Nepal journey is fused with a rich treasure of cultures, religion and people with great hospitality.

Nepal is one of the world’s great travel destination packages for national and international travelers or trekkers to travel in the different geographical settings such as Mountains Hill and Tarai of Nepal that are fused with the appealing natural beauty. Many travelers love this country due to its stunning physical setting with snow-capped highest Himalayas, forests, varieties of wild animals, green wilderness, alluring waterfalls, Simmering Rivers, ancient temples and many more.

If you are wondering to enjoy the real beauty of nature through trekking in Himalayan adventure, then Nepal is the best destination, where you will be captivated by mother nature; a green, dark and deep forest with seasonal flowers, scattered inhabited cottages, breath-taking landscapes and many more. Trekking through the ancient foot trails and meander through intricately terraced fields, forested ridges, scenic riverbanks, picturesque hamlets and mountains villages with the spectacular Himalayan vista on the background is really amazing. Besides the Himalayas trail, Nepal also offers Terai region to explore National parks and wildlife.

Nepal is a country in South Asia of multi-cultural, and multilingual, where you will get a chance to encounter the varied ethnic people and their unique cultural practices. In Nepal, there are varied ethnic people with different races such as; Newars, Thakalis, Tibetans, Gurungs, Magars, Tamangs, Bhotias, Rais, Limbus, Sherpas, Bahuns, Chhetris, Tharus and many more. It is really amazing to get involved with these interesting people and with their unique culture. Nepal, the most popular travel destination as well as trekker’s paradise that offers us to explore the golden temples, charming hill villages, Himalayas views, jungle wildlife and much more natural beauty.

Skyline Treks and Expedition: One of the most relevant issues to visit in Nepal is definitely associated with its inner beauty skeleton. Where we could find different admiring mountains vistas, so does every one of worlds are here to lean on this magical corner of the globe. The national park, green dense forests, historical monuments, high paced striking lakes, ancient cultural verity signifies the component as vital structures for Nepal travel architectures. Till now, we are continuously providing the truth behinds the inherent purpose belonging in travel and tourism of this wonderland.

Our every footstep is always towards exploring the enthusiasm of strangers from all over the world. Our concerns never left to encircles the desire and expectation of traveler in spite of every complexity and issue of if any. To ensure the quality in service has proved the recognition of skill able, experience, dedicated and more exile in the tourism industry.

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